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Tenant Portal

We now offer the ability to pay online! 

If you have already set up your log-in information, you can log in to the tenant portal here.

If you do not have access for Propertyware already, please see the information below:  

  • To get you set up with tenant portals through Propertyware, please send an e-mail to holsteinpm@outlook.com with your e-mail address and rental address. We do not need any sort of banking information, just the e-mail address you want to use.


  • Once we have entered everything on our end, Propertyware will send you an e-mail to get you set up and to create your password. The e-mail they send expires after 48 hours, but we do have the ability to re-send it if needed.

  • Please allow 2 business days after sending your e-mail address for everything to be entered on our end. 

  • Propertyware does have some fees for paying online. We don’t have any control over the fees and we don’t profit at all from them. For ACH/ using your bank account, those transactions are $1.95. They charge $20 per transaction if you use a credit card besides a VISA. For payments with VISA, the charge is 2.95%. Also, payments will be generated by you through the tenant portal – we are not able to charge the card for you if you call in.

  •  Propertyware will also have a dedicated phone number and e-mail for you to reach out to if you have questions that we are not able to answer. 
    • ​​Realpage Payment Services Support Team at (844) 530-5785 or email: realpagepaymentsservices@realpage.com